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Select the Phone

Firstly select the company, followed by model, carrier and it’s condition on ThePhoneExpress. By selecting the condition of your device you will get the price of it.

Hassle Free Shipping

Once you have requested to sell your device and if our backend team approves to buy then will send you the shipping label. You need to ship your device to us and luckily you don’t need to pay any shipping charges.

As soon as we receive your device our expert technicians will diagnose your device and test its condition appropriately as mentioned by you while submitting your request for selling the phone. If everything is well we may pay you the amount for the device. But if we feel the cell phone is not in the condition as mentioned by you and it has more damage than we may offer you alternative best possible price. If you agree with it we may pay the charge to you.

Payment process

We may pay you through PayPal, Cheque or any other payment mode according to your convenience. We build trustworthy relations with our customers and so we have many satisfied customers.